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  • Piz Ela

    Discover the largest nature park in Switzerland: the diverse countryside around the Alpine passes of Albula, Julier and Septimer, are enchanting thanks to their original character, unspoiled villages and lively culture, encompassing Romansh, German and Italian. In Parc Ela, the 19 park communes ensure that nature and countryside are preserved and they strengthen the sustainable regional economy.

    Alp Flix

    The Alp Flix, moorland, which is of national importance, is a treasure island of biodiversity. In 2000, researchers counted 2092 species within 24 hours. Alp Flix can be reached most easily using the hiking bus or via numerous hiking trails. 

    Kesch-Ducan area

    The high valleys of the Kesch-Ducan area are protected as countryside of national importance. Fossilised rock glaciers and moraines bear testimony to the former glacial conditions. At the foot the dwindling Porchabella Glacier is the SAC Kesch hut, a unique overnight stay option at an altitude of 2,624 m.

    Lai da Palpuogna 

    Idyllically situated in the forest, with an impressive mountain panorama, is the Lai da Palpuogna on the Albula Pass. Swiss TV viewers voted the Palpuogna Lake as one of the most attractive spots in Switzerland  and with good reason! On the banks of the crystal-clear lake are campfire sites that tempt you to spend some time.

    Piz Ela 

    In the heart of Parc Ela – at the Bergün peaks – Piz Ela, Corn da Tinizong and Piz Mitgel – dinosaurs have left their traces behind. The fossilised footprints of predatory dinosaurs on the summit of Piz Ela are the oldest and highest-altitude in the world. A sensation that was only discovered in 2009.


    The high valleys of Parc Ela are an excellent place to watch wild animals. Around Piz Ela and in the Tuors Valley at Bergün, large colonies of ibexes and chamois live. You can observe the animals best using binoculars. The warning whistles of the marmots accompany you along the way.

    Triple water divide

    Above the Septimer Pass, at Pass Lunghin, the drainage basins of the Rhine, Po and Danube converge. Chance determines whether a drop of rain flows into the North Sea, the Black Sea or the Mediterranean. This triple water divide is unique in Europe.

    Belfort castle ruin

    The imposing Belfort castle ruin at Brienz/Brinzauls was the ancestral home of the barons of Vaz, who ruled vast areas of Graubünden in the 13th century. They were destroyed in 1499 and have been a ruin since then. Following their expensive restoration the castle, with its herb gardens from bygone days, has become a special excursion destination.

    Church of St. Peter Mistail

    The Romanesque church of St. Peter Mistail at Alvaschein is one of the oldest church buildings in Switzerland. The former monastery church originates from the time of Charlemagne, around the year 800. The three vestibules and the mainly Gothic wall paintings are particularly special.

    Baroque church of Son Martegn

    The ceiling frescoes of the baroque church of Son Martegn in Savognin are impressive with their concentric circles, creating the illusion of an ascending dome and symbolising paradise. Baroque churches are to be found in several villages in Parc Ela.

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